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Grace Under Fire 4x4

Grace and Sailor Bob

Dougie moves into Grace’s garage apartment, and it soon becomes apparent that he’s a forty-two year old man who still needs his mother. Grace comes up against a brick wall in her attempts to communicate with Quentin. Libby gets a present from the sailor she’s writing to as part of a class project and confesses to Grace that she’s never told him her age; Grace says Libby will have to stop the deception, but it’s too late as sailor Bob arrives in the Kelly’s driveway. Grace is determined to straighten everything out until she gets a look at Bob; she then says she’s Libby and goes on a date with Bob to a Star Trek convention, but Libby resents that she’s lost her new friend to Grace, and Grace finally tells Bob what’s really going on.

Oct. 09, 1996

Grace Under Fire season 4

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