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Grace Under Fire 4x18

Birthin' Babies

Grace brings Rob home to meet her kids just as Nadine announces that the baby’s on it’s way; Wade’s off on an undercover assignment so Grace has to take her to the hospital, leaving Rob alone with Libby and Patrick. Grace and Nadine reminisce about how Nadine was always around when Grace delivered all her kids. Grace flashes back to how Jimmy stole hundreds of dollars worth of toys as presents for Quentin and is caught by the police and how she had to take baby Quentin to the county jail so his dad could see him for the first time. Grace and Nadine arrive at the hospital, and Wade is still nowhere to be found; Grace takes over as Nadine’s Lamaze coach. Grace flashes back to when Libby was born and Nadine took her to the hospital because Jimmy wanted to go hunting. Grace tries to coach Nadine, who’s in great pain, as Grace remembers when Patrick was born, and again it’s Nadine who’s with her, not Jimmy. On the way to the delivery room Nadine says she’s changed her mind about having this

Feb. 19, 1997

Grace Under Fire season 4

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