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Grace Under Fire 4x16


Russell thinks all his friends are being disloyal because they’re shopping at the new chain store pharmacy that’s opened in the neighborhood. Libby is so involved in planning her birthday party that it’s become an obsession, while Quentin is so eager to get a driver’s license that he’s letting Wade, Russell and even Jean give him driving lessons. Grace’s back problems have gotten so bad that even Stevie Ray at the bar notices that she’s in pain. She’s taking more and more pills and is falling asleep so much that at one point Libby has trouble getting her to wake up. Nadine, Wade, Russell and Jean do a sort of intervention, and Grace reacts angrily and defensively. But when she realizes that Jake, the guy at the bar who’s supported her in her pill consumption, is not a shoe salesman as she thought but really a drug dealer, she’s so disgusted that she calls Jimmy and tells him she has a problem. Jimmy is completely supportive and promises to be there for her as she works through her prob

Feb. 05, 1997

Grace Under Fire season 4

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