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Grace Under Fire 4x15

Wade's Partner

Libby reminds Grace of their deal that if she could keep her goldfish alive for six months, Grace would buy her a dog. Tomorrow, Libby tells Grace, Fishy Fishman will be six months old, and a deal’s a deal. Grace is willing to do anything in her powder to convince Libby that a dog isn’t a good idea. Wade drops by to introduce Ted, his new partner. Grace tells Russell about Fishy Fishman’s upcoming birthday, and Russell says a lot can happen overnight, but Grace warns him not to try anything.Wade and Ted return to Grace’s and want to see Quentin; some kids climbed the fence of the Victory Country Club the previous night, went skinny-dipping in the pool, put lipstick on a statue of Ben Hogan and made off with some very expensive golf clubs. Against Wade’s wishes, Ted insists on taking Quentin in and booking him unless he’s willing to rat on his friends. At first Grace gives Wade a hard time until she finds out this isn’t his idea. Jimmy shows up at the police station saying there’s no wa

Jan. 29, 1997

Grace Under Fire season 4

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