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Grace Under Fire 4x11

Grace Tests Out

With Grace at work all day and taking college classes at night, the kids are a little resentful that she’s away so much and let Grace know it, and when she learns that the refinery will no longer pay for her classes it’s the last straw. She knows she has no way to pay for her education, so when she learns that she can take a proficiency test to get many of the credits she needs, she’s faced with a dilemma. She’s scheduled to work the day of the test, and no one can switch with her, so it’s her education or her dead-end job. Her co-workers remind her that she really needs her job–her children are depending on her, but the kids say they’ll support whatever decision she makes. Grace actually shows up for work the day of the test, but a conversation with her boss, John Shirley, convinces her that she has do what she knows is the right thing and quit her job.

Dec. 04, 1996

Grace Under Fire season 4

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